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Authorised Representatives to provide Financial services

As of 1st July 2016, Accountants in Australia, are required to be fully licensed or must be Authorised Representative financial advisors to advise on matters relating to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. In order to provide advice to our clients in relation to superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, P & G Accountants Pty Ltd has chosen to be an Authorised Representative of SMSF Advisers Network Pty Ltd.

As an Authorised Representative, we are authorised to advice on the following in the best interest of our clients:

  • Analyse on the pros and cons of SMSFs and advice you whether is it suitable for you

  • Establishment of SMSFs

  • Contribution strategies - Concessional and Non-concessional contributions

  • Pension strategies – Account based pension or Transition to Retirement (TTR) Pension

  • Roll over strategies – Roll over benefits from existing superannuation structures

  • Borrowing strategies – Advice on Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBA’s)

  • Transfer of investment real property into superannuation

  • Withdrawals and death benefit payments

  • Winding up SMSFs

  • Deposit products – Deposit products including basic deposit and non-basic deposit products

Details of Authorised Representatives

P & G Accountants Pty Ltd             - Authorised Representative Number:  001270042

Girija Gopalakrishnan                     - Authorised Representative Number:  001270043



Accounting and Tax services for SMSFs

Laws governing superannuation and SMSFs are complex in relation to compliance and reporting. Hence, in order to provide the best and up-to-date information and services to our clients, we provide the following services:

  • Prepare and lodge tax returns

  • Providing compliance services

  • Prepare Financial Statements

  • Organising to carry out mandatory auditing of your SMSFs with our trusted and experienced external auditors

  • Updating on the latest changes in SMSFs and superannuation rules and regulations